About Dr Michael

About Dr Michael

Dr. Michael Dawson  graduated with a B.Sc (Hons) in Biology and Chemistry and a Ph.D in Human Nutrition (Public Health Specialisation) from the University of Birmingham.

He worked for seven years at a large nutraceutical company, where he was the lead researcher for the formulation of new products. He then moved to India, where he lived in Calcutta for four years working as a public health nutritionist with a non-governmental organization.

It was during this time that he became intrigued with alternative medicine and natural remedies, and spent most of his time working alongside such practitioners. He is now living in London where he runs his own private practice as a holistic health consultant and nutritionist.

Dr. Michael Dawson has a unique approach to health, as he merges his strong scientific and medical theoretical background with the invaluable knowledge and practical experience in alternative medicine that he gained while living in the orient.

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