About Zenda

About Zenda

Hi I’m Zenda Brown and I used to suffer from vitiligo (white patches on the skin) of  my arms back shoulder and upper inner thigh. In some ways I consider myself very lucky, there are a lot worse places for this disease to manifest itself.

Brown Family

The Brown Family Shannon Robert Zenda Arlene

The first white spot appeared on my back, when I was 17 years old, and it was my friend who noticed it first, We where getting ready for a double date, when she spotted it,

The spot itself was very small and barely noticeable, but I felt my life was over, Needless to say , there was no date that night, I cried myself to sleep.

We knew it was vitiligo, as I had an aunt who had a large white spot on her neck, Mostly she wore high necked sweaters and dresses, and covered it with makeup, but at home she would relax and not bother.

Zend Arlene